Industrial transport boards

White oak, red oak, and poplar. Distressed. Makes beautifully textured shelving and mantles

Limited supply 

110 x 6 x 1.5 in

$65 ea


Boxcar flooring

These gorgeously worn floors are from train cars. Maple, white oak, or mahogany. Great for table tops or countertops.

42 x 12 x 2.25 in 

$70 ea

96 x 12 x 2.25 in

$200 ea

sold by the board only


Cargo  flooring

These gorgeous red oak boards were used as semi truck flooring and have intense distressing. Shiplap edges.


120 x 12 x 1.25 in

144 x 12 x 1.25 in

$13 per lineal foot


reclaimed wood beams

These pine and russian larch beams are used to Transport Wind turbines for Vestas in Fort Collins. For fireplace mantels, faux exposed beams, building, home improvement, or landscaping. 

90 x 8.5 x 5 in 

$130 ea

126 x 6 x 8 in 

$189 ea 


Live edge

Colorado trees, milled by Colorado locals! 

Priced per board foot:

Ash  $12

Honey Locust  $12

 Pine  $6

Beetle Kill Pine $12

Cottonwood  $8

Walnut  $20

Siberian/Chinese Elm  $11

Curly Maple $13

Autumn Blaze Maple $13

Silver Maple $13

Russian Olive $25

Poplar $10

Hackberry $10 

Rocky Mountain Juniper $15

Pieces are 8"- 46" wide and 2'-14' tall



Beautifully aged old barnwood panels. Will make a vivid and textured accent wall or wainscoting. 

28 x 3.5 x .75 in  

10 sqft bundles 

$37.50 ea 

46 x 3.5 x .75 in

20 sqft bundles 

$75 ea 

66 x 5.25 x .75 in 

20 sqft bundles 

$100 ea


blue stain veneer

Blue stain, beetle kill pine veneer. Locally milled. Tongue and groove on plywood backing.

32 tall x 48 wide

x .75 thick in


$30 per sheet


Steel sheeting

Coal-Fired Steel Panels. Salvaged from a decommissioned coal power plant; these versatile, rusty steel panels offer a unique alternative to corrugated tin.


Made from Core-10 steel, they can be welded into various shapes. They are free of nail holes, structurally rigid, and have incredible patina. Each piece is unique.


22.5 x 42.5 in

35 x 33 in

41.5 x 22 in

37 x 35 in 

28 x 40 in 

44 x27 in 

$3.50 per sf

about 1000 sqft per dimension listed above 


douglas fir beams

Reclaimed Colorado Douglas Fir beams from commercial building sites. 

18' x 12" x 3"

$270 per beam 

$18 a lineal foot



Steel I-beams. Come from CO guardrails. Bring home a piece of CO! Great for structural posts, industrial-style table legs, or exposed beams.


84 x 4 x 6  in 

$50 ea 

72 x 4 x 6 in

$42 ea 

⅛ in thick 

Only 3 left in stock of each size.


Avalanche fencing veneer

Colorado avalanche fencing boards have been beaten by Colorado snow and sun for a decade. Now applied to a plywood veneer backing, with tongue and groove 


32” tall x 48” wide x .75" thick

$65 per sheet


Assorted Barnwood BEAMS

Barnwood from 1890 barn, assorted. Old doorframes for mantles. Teak beams. Doug fir beams. 

Most are 4 x 4 - 6 x 6 in

$10-18 per lineal foot

Over 200 pieces



Used turf from high school football fields. Rubber infill removed. Will have lines.

Turf cannot be cut by us, or on our property. We will not load a pickup truck. Trailers and flatbed trucks can be rented from Home Depot and Uhaul. Please bring ratchet straps. First come, first served.


7 x 50 ft

1200 lbs

420 square foot

$290 per roll

$.69 per square foot


vinyl billboard tarps

Vinyl tarps from billboards. 3-ply material with mesh in between. Waterproof and UV protective layer. 11mm thick, where regular blue tarps are 5mm thick.

Hay, weed barrier, pond liner, boats, cars, car ports, firewood, roofing, lean-to shelters,

yurts and tepee's, art projects.


14 x 48 ft  $100



Commercial Grade, Non-Toxic Floor Sealer. Fast Drying, High Strength, Acrylic Based Primer/Sealer and Subfloor Moisture Prevention. Makes Concrete Non-slip. Also used on Concrete or Wood to Prevent using more Adhesive than Necessary. 


1100 square foot coverage


$35 per 4 gallon bucket



High end commercial carpet tiles. New and gently used. Wholesale truckloads. Tens of different styles and sizes to choose from. Great for homes, basements, patios, rentals, RVs, and retail.


18 x 18 in

20 x 20 in

24 x 24 in

36 x 36 in

12 X 36 in


$.25-$1.50 per square foot

Band new tile at $2 per square foot



revolve recycling is a building material salvage company. we have been a family run, woman owned, father-daughter operation for 14 years. support your local small business!

by using recycled materials you are making a responsible choice for both the planet and your wallet. these items are are rich with character,

life, history, color and energy. it will create a one-of-a-kind project with unparalleled feel.

our full time woodshop would love to create high-end custom pieces from reclaimed furniture for you. stop by the warehouse to see our work! 




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